Our Story

After spending two years as a family living in Australia in the small town of Byron Bay, we discovered the Byron Bay Ginger Drink … a popular drink for all of its benefits and freshness. We then drank this Ginger Drink every day until we left..

Meanwhile, we took the time to go and visit the place of local production and to meet the owner of the brand, who initiated the creation of this magical elixir ….

Returning to St Barth last year and finding a lack of this elixir, we decided to take it upon ourselves to begin production.

The rest you know because we have lived together on this beautiful island.. The drink was a success, nearly 3,000 bottles leave our production workshop each month and are distributed around the island! We press the lemon, the ginger, we fill and label the bottles.. A traditional product manufactured in Saint Barth, 100% natural.

In full stride but forever missing our juices and smoothies, we decided to open a small juice bar, which we then housed in a small restaurant on the beach of St Jean for our first season..

However, we quickly ran out of space to express ourselves. We delved further and have since found a small, centennial Creole house in the heart of Gustavia; a shelter from the sun, the rain and the noise.. an oasis of peace..

This is where we will open our second juice bar, but it will be more than just a juice bar.. Come and visit us at the islands first ´Raw Cafe´.



Juice & Food

Fresh Juices (Medium 12 oz : 8€ Large 16 oz : 10€)

  • ­  Rise & Shine: orange, carrot, apple, beet + booster (ginger + turmeric)
  • ­  Sweet Green: spinach, cucumber, apple, lemon + booster (ginger, spirulina)
  • ­  Pure Immunity: orange, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, cayenne
  • ­  Green Cleanse: spinach, celery , cucumber, lime, ginger
  • ­  Coco Island: coconut water, apple, lime + booster (ginger, spirulina)

Make your own
• Choose a base: orange juice, apple juice, coconut water

• Add 2 fruits or veggies from daily assortment

• Pick a booster

Breakfast 6€

  • ­  Chia-cashew yogurt
  • ­  Chia-banana pudding
  • ­  Bircher Apple Muesli
  • Pure Mylk + raw Granola bowl

Booster (extra shot of Coffee, Dates, Raw Granola, Vanilla, Cinnamon)

Super­Bowls 12€

  • ­  Acaï berries, banana
  • ­  Acaï berries, mylk, dates

Toppings (granola, fresh fruits, raw gf granola)

Smoothies (Medium 12 oz : 8€ Large 16 oz : 10€)

  • ­  Sun Salutation: mylk, banana, dates, vanilla
  • ­  Tropical Green: spinach, coconut water, banana + booster (ginger, chia seeds,spirulina)
  • ­  Yellow Sunshine: orange, banana, mango + booster (ginger + turmeric)
  • ­  Green Island: spinach, orange, pineapple/mango, ginger + booster (chia seeds,spirulina)
  • ­  Muesli to Go: oats, almonds, lemon, apple, raisins + booster (almond butter)

Make Your own
• choose a base: almond/cashew mylk, coconut water, orange juice

• add 2 fruits or veggies from daily assortment

• pick a booster


●  Raw Cacao truffles (medjool, caco, almond)

●  Choco Energy Bar (medjool, caco, almond)

●  Cashew Vanilla Bar (medjool, cashew, vanilla)

●  Yoga Bar (cashew, golden raison, spirulina)

●  Granola Classic ( almond, Oats, pumkins seeds, apple,date paste, raisin, cinamon)

●  Granola Tropical ( Shred coconut, Oats, pumkin seeds, mango, raisin, date paste, banana)

●  Granola Choco ( oats, almonds, cacao, cinamon, Raisin, date paste)

●  Spicy Almonds ( Almonds, miso paste, hot curry)

●  Sweet&SpicyCashew( Cashew,date,tamarinpaste,ginger,paprika,cinamon,cayenne)

●  Coconut Curry ( Shred coconut, carrots, curry, honey, paprika, Hot curry, Tamari)

●  Sunflower Carckers ( carrots, bell pepper, lemon, flax seeds, Nutritional yeast, black pepper, curcuma, paprika)

●  Black Olive Caviar ( dehidrated black olive)


●  Sunflower pate (sunflower seeds, sundried tomatoes, Tamari, mapple sirup, lemon, olive oil, Black pepper)

●  guacamole ( avocado, zuchini, red onion, red bell pepper, lemon, orange)


●  Caesar Salad (romaine salad, spinach, green apple, Avocado, Mushroom, coconut curry croutons, orange mayo)

●  Zoodles Raw Pesto (Zuchini, cherry tomatoes, Mushroom, carrots, raw pesto: cashew, lemon juice, basil, olive oil)

●  Thai Salad ( carrots, spinash, cucumber, red bell pepper, mushroom, avocado, coriander/mint, Dressing: thai paste, lemon juice, sesame oil)

●  Quinoa Tabbouleh (Quinoa, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, mint, parsley, oilve oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, cherry tomatoes)

●  Cauliflower Tabbouleh ( same as Quinoa Tabbouleh, but no quinoa….)

●  Kelp Noodles White Cream (Kelp noodles, Mushrooms, black olive caviar, cherry tomatoes, cashew, lemon, miso)

●  Kelp Noodles pesto ( same whit a pesto: cashew, lemon juice, basil, olive oil)

●  Wakame Salad (wakame, dressing: lemon, ginger, tamari, peanuts butter,Cayenne, Black pepper)

●  Coleslaw (red and Green Cabbage, Carrots, Raisin, red Apple, coconut curry croutons, Lemon Juice, Tahini, Miso and black pepper)


●  CarrotCake( Almond,date,cashew,carrot,cinamon,shredcoconut,coconutoil,water)

●  Fruit Tartlet ( almond, date, oat, cashew, lemon, honey, fruit of the day)

●  Fruit Salad

Let's Connect


Tom’s Juice Bar – Passage de la crémaillère, Gustavia. 97133 St. Barthélémy.

+590 590 87 78 03